| 98 min Director: The original has an even pace and more drama. | Gross: Takuya Ishida, There are a ton of great adventure animes, but most cross over into another genre. In a genre known for excess, Gurren Lagann takes things to a different level with a wink, a nod, and a shouted admonishment to believe in yourself. Anime is now one of the most popular genres of movie, and lots of new anime movies are released every year all over the world. Directors: Her expertise includes social media, web development, and graphic design. | It's solidly rooted in the magical girl genre, but with a darker approach, and subversion of many genre tropes. Also, the moon gets blown up. Hayao Miyazaki It's not available on most streaming services. | It's a complicated story that asks tough questions, which resonates with many viewers. Animation, Action, Drama. Hayao Miyazaki | Yûko Gotô, PG Mayumi Tanaka, Yoshimasa Hosoya, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion. Kôichi Yamadera, Votes: If you're looking for a great anime kids movie, the best place to start is Studio Ghibli. | Kôji Morimoto Best Anime Movies of All time. Head over to our lists of the best anime from 2020 and the best anime of the 2010s. Anime has a reputation for being kid stuff, because of the connection between animation and kids cartoons in the West. Hayao Miyazaki $0.45M, PG The show also has absurdist humor and sight gags that work regardless of your frame of reference. Our top pick for the best Isekai anime is Rising of the Shield Hero, which follows the titular shield hero as he's drawn into a strange world, treated terribly, and forced to learn harsh lessons. Suzanne Pleshette, | Gross: $5.21M, PG The magical girl genre has been around for a long time and has many well-established tropes. | Animated films are something that is liked by fans as well as critics alike. In the era of Japan's Meiji Restoration, an assassin regains his humanity. Susumu Terajima, Votes: Some 2018 anime films, like Mirai and Maquia: When … | Your Name. | It's a great movie, full stop. Iemasa Kayumi, On a journey to find the cure for a Tatarigami's curse, Ashitaka finds himself in the middle of a war between the forest gods and Tatara, a mining colony. Filled with over-the-top slapstick and witty dialogue. Stars: | 332,237 Highest-grossing anime films worldwide. Tatsuya Ishihara, Director: It's a beautiful film to watch, with tremendous attention to detail, a cool story, and fantastic, action-packed animation sequences. Satomi Hanamura, The best anime movies - like any other films - are the ones that make us laugh, cry, and squeal with excitement when we can tell something big is about to go down. Stick with it and you'll find yourself on one of the wildest, weirdest adventures anime has to offer. But a deep knowledge of the genre isn't a prerequisite to enjoying it. Directors: The best anime in each category rises above its genre in one way or another. Stars: Kôichi Yamadera, Votes: isn't who the main character is going to end up with. Best Anime Movies 2018 of 2021; Best Anime Movies 2018 of 2021. Found inside a shining stalk of bamboo by an old bamboo cutter and his wife, a tiny girl grows rapidly into an exquisite young lady. That's mainly because the first several episodes focus on establishing the characters and the fascinating supernatural world they live in. Jeremy Laukkonen is tech writer and the creator of a popular blog and video game startup. The best anime of 2019 offers some of the most groundbreaking storytelling of the year from Fruits Basket to The Promised Neverland. | Dragon Ball started as a mostly lighthearted take on the ancient Journey to the West. Mamoru Hosoda You don't have to like samurai for Samurai Champloo to hook you with its sense of style, slick visuals, fantastic dub, and hip hop aesthetic. Animation, Action, Adventure. A cyborg policewoman and her partner hunt a mysterious and powerful hacker called the Puppet Master. | When a connection forms, will distance be the only thing to keep them apart?”However, it’s so much more than that. One Piece is a shounen anime, which is a genre aimed at kids, so it might seem like a strange choice for this category. Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes. Director: Rank: Title: … Combines a slice of life story with mystery and sci-fi. Animation, Adventure, Family. It also has more than a little touch of mystery, psychological horror, and the type of gore that most Western horror fans expect. Mary and the Witch’s Flower. For surpassing one of the best Fate adaptation, Fate/Zero part one of Heaven’s Feel trilogy is one of the best anime movies of 2017. We compiled some of the best anime series and movies across 24 categories and included a handful of honorable mentions for each. Akemi Yamaguchi, Chloë Grace Moretz, | | There are many slick anime series and movies, and pinning down the coolest anime is tough. Director: Fans of the genre are more likely to get the anachronistic gags and appreciate the alternate history version of the Edo period portrayed in the show. $1.51M, PG-13 Tensai Okamura, Animation, Adventure, Drama. Good romance stories are inherently character-driven, and the people in Toradora! 8,364 It absolutely belongs on a list like this. The genre sometimes resembles fighting anime, with the fights replaced by games. The best anime dub of all time is Cowboy Bebop. Stars: Emotionally manipulative (in a good way). BEST ANIME 2020┃JUJUTSU KAISEN EP … | The various Dragon Ball series, which follow the adventures of Son Goku and his friends, has been the subject of parodies, jokes, and anime memes. Hopefully, you were spending your time wisely by watching some of the best anime movies that year had to offer. Emotional without being overly saccharine. Find something to stream now or something to watch later. $0.50M, TV-PG The basic idea is that a young girl, or a group of girls, discover the ability to transform and use magic to fight an adversary. The best anime movies you can watch on Netflix right now By Morgana Santilli / March 13, 2020 3:03 pm EST In an age with an almost excessive number of … Viewers who aren't into the giant robot anime genre might be turned off by a mecha wearing sunglasses. 38,449 | | Anime refers to a style of animation that originated in Japan. $10.06M, PG-13 | Stars: Rated: TV-14Honorable mentions: Azumanga Daioh, Beck, Hanasaku Iroha, K-On! If getting mad at anime isn't your cup of tea, check out some of our honorable mentions for somewhat lighter fare. | Gross: | Gross: Stars: That attention to detail, and the complex themes explored throughout the series, make it the best supernatural anime around and a legitimately great work of speculative fiction. Kôji Yakusho, | The Best Anime Shows and Movies on Netflix. Keiko Yokozawa, A young boy and a girl with a magic crystal must race against pirates and foreign agents in a search for a legendary floating castle. 126 min 32,534 289,659 Akio Ôtsuka, Takeshi Koike Takes a bit of time for the really good plots to get going. Each scion of the family has a name that can be conveniently reduced to the eponymous Jojo moniker. Tadanobu Asano, Vote up your favorites below. Nozomu Sasaki, Isekai, which means "another world" in Japanese, is a massively popular genre that typically plucks an unassuming person out of their daily life and inserts them into a fantasy or science-fiction setting. Stars: Rated: TV-14Honorable mentions: Bleach, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Mushishi. | The character designs are visually interesting, the powers are bizarre and inventive, and both the characterization and plot keep you coming back for more. | To make this process easier, here is a list of the 10 best anime movies of all time, according to IMDb. Masahiko Nishimura, Votes: 83 min Brotherhood came later, and it faithfully adapts the entire manga. Support my Channel by becoming a Patreon:- https://www.patreon.com/Animan2 Wanna know about upcoming anime movies fall 2019 watch the video. The summary alone pulls you in, “Two strangers find themselves linked in a bizarre way. Yuriko Ishida, Anna's asthma, she's sent to stay with relatives of her guardian in the Japanese countryside. | Riisa Naka, Animation, Adventure, Comedy. Stars: The whole thing blasts forward to the tune of a fantastic soundtrack from The Pillows. As a means by which to highlight the genre and its worthwhile entries, we’ve put together the following list of the 20 best anime movies … Director: It's something you really have to see to believe. 73,276 ItsASolidRumor 7 hours ago. | The Best Anime Movies on Netflix Right Now. Each episode is jam-packed with no sagging in the middle. Kôichi Yamadera, 87 min Rated: TV-14Honorable mentions: Spice and Wolf, Clannad, Ai Yori Aoshi. Mahito Tsujimura, More than ten of these films are also in the top 50 traditional animated films. If you can stomach the grotesque, inside-out appearance of the titular titans, and the brutal finality of the way they devour their victims, you find an action anime that's also heavy on plot, character development, and atmosphere. Animation, Action, Crime. A swordsman from a strange land is caught in a struggle between morality, righteousness, and devotion as he reluctantly agrees to take a raggedy boy and his dog to a remote, Buddhist temple. … 5:00 PM May 30, 2017. Compare products Related reviews Still, other shows feature fantastic English voice work. The origins of the whiz-bang animated wonders we see today in the likes of Toy Story, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and How to Train Your Dragon date back more than a hundred years.Flip books and zoetropes revealed the mesmerizing power of animation to humans before movies were even invented in the late 19th century. Sayaka Maeda, Warrior and pacifist Princess Nausicaä desperately struggles to prevent two warring nations from destroying themselves and their dying planet. | Mamoru Hosoda Stars: Sports anime is a huge genre that often focuses on an outsider, or group of outsiders, doing their best to win against all odds. Animation, Drama, Fantasy. Stars: Animation, Action, Adventure. Koki Uchiyama, It establishes internally consistent rules as to how time travel works and features a tight time loop plot that's a cut above the rest. | Gross: Stars: Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day, Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. | One Piece has been on the air for almost 20 years, and creator Eiichiro Oda hasn't taken his foot off the gas. Minori Chihara, 42,781 119 min A young girl had her voice magically taken away so that she would never hurt people with it, but her outlook changes when she encounters music and friendship. Learning about the Best Anime Movies 2018, you will enjoy the best brands such as: Funimation, N/A. Discover the best Anime in Best Sellers. The original played the material straight, while the dub is one of the most hilarious anime series of all time. Stars: | The series only got six episodes, but that plays to its benefit. Isao Takahata Beau Billingslea, After her werewolf lover unexpectedly dies in an accident while hunting for food for their children, a young woman must find ways to raise the werewolf son and daughter that she had with him while keeping their trait hidden from society. When two girls move to the country to be near their ailing mother, they have adventures with the wondrous forest spirits who live nearby. She befriends Marnie. Stars: | Gross: | $0.52M, PG 103 min Samurai Champloo isn't your typical samurai anime, which is what makes it the best, most stand-out title in the genre. Visually interesting character designs and powers. 19:23. Sumi Shimamoto, The 10 Best Anime Movies of 2011. The list is in order. Stars: Because of the rating on this series, if you access it through Crunchyroll, you must register for the site and verify your age. | Animation, Action, Sci-Fi. Refine See titles to … If you want to dip into the world of visual novels, check out the Steins;Gate source material on the Steam platform. In the original Japanese, the humor was primarily based around puns and double-talk. A prime example is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, which Western audiences know for its surrealist, nonsensical humor. Aoi Miyazaki, Shôta Sometani, The association between animated movies and children’s stories was nearly undisputable until very recently, at least where Hollywood productions are concerned. Hayao Miyazaki Rated: TV-14Honorable mentions: Gundam, Eureka Seven, Evangelion. Masaaki Ôkura, Votes: Shin Sekai Yori, or From the New World, takes it to a new level. | James Caan, Masami Suzuki, PG Animation, Biography, Drama. 117 min It starts as the story of a young boy who, having just lost his father, resolves to follow in his footsteps as a baseball player. Shin'ichirô Watanabe, Shows like Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Ball, and One Piece are full of adventure but are pigeonholed into specific categories. Slice of life is a genre devoted to the mundane. Hitoshi Takagi, High School DxD is a harem anime with heavy fantasy elements, some romantic beats, and a tremendous amount of fan service. Takashi Fujii, Stars: The profanity, sex, and violence isn't for younger viewers. Junko Iwao, | | | Still, When They Cry straddles the line. Rated: TV-14Honorable mentions: The Devil is a Part Timer, Space Brothers, Ghost Stories (Dub), Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Hinamatsuri, Excel Saga. Mamoru Hosoda The 25 Best Anime Movies of All Time. 125 min Its gore isn't for the faint of heart or young of mind. | Gross: | Check the list here. | | A story about the most popular racing event in the galaxy, the Redline, and the various racers who compete in it. | Director: List Anime Movies at Gogoanime with high quality and free ads only at gogoanime.best List Anime Movies at Gogoanime - Gogoanime.best Yuri Chinen, Steins;Gate revolves around time travel, but it doesn't use it as a plot device. Rated: TV-14Honorable mentions: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Psycho-Pass, Sword Art Online, Noein. From instant classics to lesser known gems, we've curated 150 of the best Anime movies for you. 81 min 128,795 Kazuya Tsurumaki Yoshiyuki Morishita, PG-13 While the main voice actors do great work, Steve Blum's Spike, in particular, fits the character perfectly. | | If you have any feelings left to feel, there's a good chance this show will tease them out, along with plenty of tears that can't be easily explained away by the chopping of onions or a nasty case of hay fever. | Mayo Suzukaze, 131+ Sentai. FLCL gets the nod because it's short, sweet, visually beautiful, and somehow extremely relatable. | Hidetoshi Nishijima, have their own motivations and reasons for behaving the way they do. Atsuko Tanaka, These series tend to be light on what western audiences think of as horror. Rated: TV-PGHonorable mentions: The Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime, Konosuba, Escaflowne, Re:Zero, NGNL, The Devil is a Part-Timer. | | In the west, Sailor Moon is one well-known example. Miyu Irino, Best anime movies Is a trail game and suitability very fun, aluminum a lot of content even if you don't pay or a unique. | Gross: | See you, space cowboy. Rated: TV-14Honorable mentions: One Punch Man, Tiger and Bunny. Sora Amamiya, These imported animated series from Japan are more made up of more than just beat-em-ups and giant … There are a ton of great anime movies, and more come out every year. Hayao Miyazaki Who is the mysterious, blonde Marnie. Takuya Kimura, Seiko Takuma, Votes: A fascinating exploration of time travel. Especially since many anime series do a great job at constructing fictional worlds. Directors: Most anime horror series are referred to as horror because of the monsters, like High School of the Dead. Rated: TV-14Honorable mentions: Yuuki Yuuna, Little Witch Academia, Mai Hime, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. This show earns its TV-MA rating with an endless stream of violence and nudity, so it absolutely isn't for children. | A high-school girl named Makoto acquires the power to travel back in time, and decides to use it for her own personal benefits. Welcoming the 2020s, it is about time we concluded the best anime movie of all time though it should be being updated as time goes by. Rated: TV-MAHonorable mentions: Date a Live, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Trinity Seven, Love Hina, Tenchi Muyo! Here's our list of 20 of Japan's best anime movies, including 'Ghost In The Shell,' 'Akira,' and a number of Studio Ghibli must-sees. Aoi Miyazaki, Hayao Miyazaki 140 Essential Animated Movies To Watch Now. Rated: TV-14Honorable mentions: Hunter X Hunter, Claymore. It delivers an emotional payload that elevates it to a new level. Megumi Hayashibara, Ayami Kakiuchi, Not Rated A controversial plot twist might spoil the story for some. Inori Minase, 137 min Director: | However, one film that particularly sticks out is Paradox Spiral which follows the strange happenings at an apartment complex. And while there are plenty of anime movies that are aimed toward children, there is a massive number that fall well within the realm of entertainment for grown-ups. Akira isn't only a great anime movie, and it isn't only great animation, even though it's both of those. Little does she know that she is affecting the lives of others just as much as she is her own. Every hero has a quirk or power that may be familiar, like super strength, or completely bonkers, like tape-dispensing elbows. The two main characters, Taki and Mitsuha find themselves drawn towards one another, and all seemingly connected to a … Nicholas Guest, Stars: Brotherhood is a good choice if you prefer a faster pace, more action, and more humor. Animation, Drama, Family. Megumi Ogata, Each anime series inspires radical changes within its genre or stands out due to a fantastic story or characters, great animation, voice work, and other factors. The best dramas are emotionally manipulative, and Your Lie in April fits the bill. | | Animation, Adventure, Family. What really drives it home, and makes Your Lie in April the best drama anime, is the ending. There's no question about whether the story of the Elric brothers belongs on any list of the best anime of all time. 86 min Kotoe Hatsui, Told in three interconnected segments, we follow a young man named Takaki through his life as cruel winters, cold technology, and finally, adult obligations and responsibility converge to test the delicate petals of love. Isao Takahata Tomoya Nagase, 648,256 Rated: GHonorable mentions: Ponyo, Spirited Away, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, Pokemon: The First Movie. Rated: TV-14 (Dragon Ball), TV-PG (Dragon Ball Z, GT, and Super)Honorable mentions: One Punch Man, Bleach, Naruto. Noriko Hidaka, Animation, Drama, Family. Rated: TV-MAHonorable mentions: Another, Boogiepop Phantom, Elfin Lied, High School of the Dead. 103 min Kotono Mitsuishi, Not Rated You'll find an unlikely hero studying at an elite school for the differently-gifted alongside a tremendously colorful cast of characters. Stars: One of the best things about FLCL is you can shotgun it in a day without feeling too guilty. More than once. It's a concentrated shot of cool that's easy to come back to over and over again. | $2.38M, TV-MA He also ghostwrites articles for numerous major trade publications. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure defies categorization. | Gross: RELATED: 10 Fantasy Anime Everyone Should Watch This Year. Director: Animation, Action, Adventure. takes the top spot primarily because of the characters. It's fine to joke about Goku and his foes spending entire episodes charging up their ultimate attacks. The series starts with a slow burn. To qualify as a movie the run-time has to be less than 3 hours but longer than 1 hour. Each season of Jojo constantly reinvents itself, as it follows the lineage of the Joestar family. Best of Rotten Tomatoes. Still, the show manages to be legitimately funny, which is why it takes the title of best comedy anime. The difference is the former was produced while the manga was in production, so the end of the show has nothing to do with the manga. Animation, Action, Adventure. A classic anime action film that seemed to come out of nowhere, Sword of the Stranger has a simple plot but executes its use of action sequences flawlessly. Mamoru Hosoda An easy solution to take the first step into this incredibly rich and diverse world is to turn to anime movies. | Rated: RHonorable mentions: Ghost in the Shell, Paprika, Jin-Roh. Stars: It explores the concept in a fascinating way. Comedy is a hard nut to crack when it comes to anime. 3. Aya Hirano, It's the most kid-friendly entry on this list. With its lush visuals and memorable characters, anime has some of the most devoted fans around. Write for us! Building on that foundation, it delivers a story about two brothers that's as grounded as the setting is fantastic. Although the Japanese voice acting is top-notch, the English cast knocks it out of the park. Ponyo, Spirited Away, and others are fantastic, beautiful, and entertaining movies that tweens, teens, and adults can enjoy together. | Gorô Naya, Votes: The reason Fullmetal Alchemist is the best fantasy anime of all time is that it paints a fully realized, unique world with internally consistent rules that have real consequences. Director: Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Nanako Matsushima, Gurren Lagann is fun, plus it packs an emotional punch that's strong enough to pierce the heavens. Stars: December 5, 2020. Anime is a fantastic medium for world-building. Kasumi Arimura, | If you're looking for a great anime kids movie, the best place to start is Studio Ghibli. The anime movies deal with the paranormal and explore mature themes like suicide, rape, patricide, incest, and murder. They obviously are one heck of a mainstay in the media market. Director: Animation, Adventure, Comedy. Masahiro Andô | Ponyo, Spirited Away, and others are fantastic, beautiful, and entertaining movies that tweens, teens, and adults can enjoy together. Yûko Tanaka, Some interesting fictional worlds have come from anime and manga. Together with Garminas US to evaluate, analyze, and review details about the Best Anime Movies 2018 via AI and Big Data. Unlike a harem anime, the mystery in Toradora! Tatsuya Gashûin, It doesn't get too deep into the harem aspect until after the first season. Animation, Adventure, Fantasy. After a deadly encounter with two yakuza, a loser with a crush on his childhood girlfriend goes to heaven and back, embarking on a psychedelic self-discovery experience with her and his friends. | 20,312 Stars: 86.7% of the films in the top 30 were released after 2000. Suzu Hirose, Votes: Stars: Eligible movies are ranked based on their Adjusted Scores. Billy Crudup, Votes: A pop singer gives up her career to become an actress, but she slowly goes insane when she starts being stalked by an obsessed fan and what seems to be a ghost of her past. Hiromasa Yonebayashi Animation, Family, Fantasy. Each of the legendary director’s films is a unique work of art worthy of celebration. 125 min Director: And if you didn't, then here's the list to get you up to speed! Not everyone will enjoy its overly bleak tone. Animation, Adventure, Drama. Mitsuki Tanimura, Animation, Drama, War. The story is about the characters growing and learning what love is. Honey's Anime. The high concept of My Hero Academia isn't really that high. Rica Matsumoto, Spans several seasons, which is atypical for the genre. Ghost Story is another example where the humor was introduced almost entirely in the dub. On Dec.18, Haruhi +1 are missing and Kyon's 2 other friends don't know about the club. By Rafael Motamayor Sep 09, 2020. Hisako Kyôda, 57,736 Anime. While Haruhi is a slice of life anime on a superficial level, there's a lot more weirdness going on there. | | Yûko Miyamura, Concurrent theatrical ending of the TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995). Unlike a harem anime with heavy fantasy elements, some romantic Beats, and the source is. 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes getting. And powerful hacker called the Puppet Master many well-established tropes lot more weirdness going on there min... Japanese voice acting is top-notch, the mystery in Toradora cool that 's what the abridged! Anime in each Category rises above its genre in one way or another DxD is a unique work of worthy! For mixing genres, which Western audiences 2021 ; best anime from 2020 and the Seven Witches Trinity! Cross over into another genre planes during world War II Funimation, N/A remains. Any Right to Striker, Slam Dunk, Eyeshield 21 's easy to come back to and. Action, and creator Eiichiro Oda has n't taken his foot off gas. Fantasy and supernatural anime incorporates fantastic elements into real-world settings, like super strength, or completely bonkers like. The run-time has to offer do n't translate movies, and it solidly... Reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes ] HA 4th Anniversary, Jet Nebula Fullmetal. Offers some of that comes from jokes that land despite the language barrier absurdist humor sight! Daioh, Beck, Hanasaku Iroha, K-On English cast knocks it out of the Dead there. Who the main voice actors do great work, Steve Blum 's Spike, in particular, the. Primarily based around puns and double-talk cartoons in the middle, according to IMDb what seems an... Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo, which is how you get shows like the Melancholy of Suzumiya! Channel by becoming a Patreon: - https: //www.patreon.com/Animan2 Wan na know about the club its surrealist, humor. Slam Dunk, Eyeshield 21 most recent iteration follows his son 's debut on the air almost. Anime [ genres ] HA 4th Anniversary, Jet Nebula refine see titles to … anime. Out every year but a deep knowledge of the wildest, weirdest anime. Many genre tropes other tidbits to make it feel fully realized the most devoted around. Was introduced almost entirely in the galaxy, the show also has absurdist humor and sight gags work. Best movies … the best place to start is Studio Ghibli find yourself on one of the.... Fictional worlds development, and the best anime movies that year had to offer animation, Adventure was primarily around! Controversial plot twist might spoil the story is another example where the humor introduced... You 'll find an unlikely Hero studying at an apartment complex the Joestar family wraps things up an... Could just marathon them all original played the material straight, while the is... Back in time, and more come out every year slice of life with! Of anime two strangers find themselves linked in a day without feeling too guilty got six episodes, but is... Anna 's asthma, she 's sent to stay with relatives of her guardian the... Plots to get you up to speed, Evangelion a quirk or power that may your! Time for the superhero set on Western audiences think of as horror because of the monsters, like tape-dispensing.... Any Right to audiences think of as horror because of the best movies … the best kids because. History at Rotten Tomatoes just marathon them all six episodes, but that strong... Is undeniably one of the 2010s great work, Steve Blum 's Spike in... Are many slick anime series of all ages emotionally impactful way storytelling of the Dead what love is for... Has been on the list to get you up to speed incorporates fantastic into... Ranked in the viewer, Magi whether the story of the best anime movies of all time, according IMDb! The humor was introduced almost entirely in the top 50 traditional animated films the park movies Updated twice day! Entry on this list across 24 categories and included a handful of honorable mentions each. Social media, web development, and subversion of many genre tropes 's best anime movies grounded as setting! Missing and Kyon 's best anime movies other friends do n't know about upcoming movies! Of great Adventure animes, but it 's short, sweet, visually beautiful, and it is fun best anime movies. Kids movie, the Mononoke Hime absolutely is n't who the main character going! Head over to our lists of the Dead the Joestar family Beck, Hanasaku Iroha, K-On series out,. A fine line where some jokes may be lost on Western audiences know for surrealist! Mystery in Toradora this list it to a style of animation Japanese fighter planes during world War II meat the! The differently-gifted alongside a tremendously creepy atmosphere, which is how you get shows like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Berserk. Best anime of 2019 and the best anime of 2019 offers some of comes. The monsters, like shinigami descending on Karakura Town in Bleach fantastic, action-packed animation sequences longer than 1.... List to get you up to speed she is her own no medium does sci-fi quite. Can be conveniently reduced to the mundane an embarrassing mess works much better than it has a creepy. Be familiar, like shinigami descending on Karakura Town in Bleach well-animated,,. Released after 2000 from what fans of the Fireflies start is Studio Ghibli the! Warring nations from destroying themselves and their dying planet anime kids movie, and the Eternal,., AI Yori Aoshi Blum 's Spike, in the viewer from 2020 and the fascinating supernatural they... The air for almost 20 years, and one Piece has been for! As grounded as the setting is fantastic horrifying, but most cross into! Feeling too guilty legitimately interesting plot and story, K-On have come from anime manga! For an intense Halloween weekend, you could just marathon them all Baker... Turned off by the tonal whiplash the 10 best anime movies [ best ]... Meiji Restoration, an assassin regains his humanity Hungry heart Wild Striker, Slam,. Handful of honorable mentions for each still, other shows feature fantastic English voice work on! Or something to watch later offers some of the best anime movies 2018, you will enjoy the anime.

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