My question is about whether it leaches during use. Dear Mr. Ronald M. Hall, you probably save my life with this article! And, are there any substances that are dangerous and can later leach into bath water and be absorbed by the skin? I say this because his co workers where in the other bathroom working. That much spraying puts a lot of strain on your fingers and wrists, just FYI! Please try again later. I am very pleased with the steel wool, the quick delivery, and the free shipping - what a great deal! I think our tub would look so much nicer if we had it refinished. I am Gary Goel owner of the Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association. Please respond quickly. Methylene chloride, a new chlorinated solvent, is usually a risky, without color liquid having a sweet-smelling smell. Thanks for the post on this. What are the effects of being in the house during the process (for our pets) and after the process (chemical wise around our kids). There is not any ventilation in the bathroom either. Half-mask respirators may NOT be used because methylene chloride may cause eye irritation or damage. Methylene chloride is a volatile liquid and will fully evaporate shortly after the project is completed. Both products, Pro Grade and Standard, just dribbled out of the nozzle and down the side of the can. We do not have any information about the paint chips that are peeling off of your refinished bathtub. I usually like to do things myself, but I think I will have to find someone to do my bathtub repair in concord ma. i like it. I have contacted the government,the union head [name removed], and the legal ombudsman but to no avail. Located at [] and I helped in two the studies before this report was finalized. The second method uses no chemical stripper but relies instead on scraping and mechanical sanding to remove bathtub finishes. Thanks, Linda . I took a shower and a 3 inch or so came off. Also I have asthma, and after the job was done today I cant stop wheezing. You may want to contact Product Safety Australia, who assists with consumer concerns like the one you posted. The NIOSH studies pertained only to workers who were applying methylene chloride directly, and we have not studied consumer-related exposure. I recently had our tub sresurfaced as well as kitchen counters done, and the smell was so strong I don’t know how these guys can do this every day. The odor and fumes were suffocating. Adults? Thank you for this post. Specifically, typical mobile LEV units have a fan, flexible ductwork, and a hood near the tub that exhausts hazardous vapors to the outdoors. Color: White Verified Purchase. I gave my 2 year old a bath a little more came off. It hurt to know, the four of us where in a room together for what will be the very last time. Moreover, because methylene chloride evaporates quickly (it has a high vapor pressure), vapors can collect in the bottom of a bathtub and in the worker’s breathing zone when working in the bathtub. Is that smell dangerous for children? If they continue, you should consult your doctor. This seems informative and makes a very nice image on the topic in my mind. Things just happen and when its our time to go, we go. Traditional methods used for detecting methylene chloride involve air sampling pumps (calibrated at the desired air flow) and a sampling train with charcoal tubes as the collection media for methylene chloride. Purchased the Homax Knockdown product from Lowe's on two occasions. If you are a skilled tiler you will call for a best of the variety diamond blade in your tile observed, but if you are just doing a shopping mall tiling job at residence this will not be a necessity. From now we must be aware if wanna to do that. This junk went everywhere. These are obviously unethical companies that don't care about their customers or repeat business. Thank you. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION TRADE NAME (AS LABELED): HOMAX TOUGH AS TILE, WHITE, PART A PRODUCT CODES: 720760A, 720733A PRODUCT USE: Refinishing Paint SUPPLIER/MANUFACTURER'S NAME: HOMAX … In years past, when lead-based paints were used in various home applications, various studies showed that small children (toddlers) were known to ingest (eat) paint chips. NIOSH has not evaluated isocyanates exposure among bathtub refinishers but products containing isocyanates should also be handled with care. Saving Lives, Protecting People, Methylene Chloride Hazards for Bathtub Refinishers,,,,,,,, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Occupational Research Agenda (10), Factors to Consider for a Responder Health Research Study, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Price Price. In February 2012, a worker using a product containing methylene chloride to refinish a bathtub was found dead, slumped over a bathtub in an unventilated bathroom. Methylene chloride’s boiling point is just over 100 F, and has a vapor pressure of 350 mmHg. We have for years been trying to come up with a Stripper that will remove Epoxy DIY kits that do not have the Methylene Chloride but time is an issue. It is a less costly alternative to replacing a bathtub; however, the process often involves the use of hazardous chemicals including methylene chloride, acids, and isocyanates. I have read many articles but this is different one. Bathtub refinishing is essentially painting the tub, although is it painting that is done with a highly specialized coating. £29.99. Compare. He wore proper equipment, however ventilation was not adequate. The story notes also that worker protections are weak — a shop in Chattanooga TN with numerous OSHA violations got fined only $1500 for the death of a teenage employee in 1999, and 7 years later, still had not implemented required safety measures. I like the fact that it doesn't scratch the surface of the tub. Best thing since the invention of white bread. I refer to this CDC article a few times a month when answering questions from customers. My best friend was killed two days ago due to over exposure while cleaning a bath tub. So, if the concentration were over the PEL, for example at 50 ppm, the workers would exceed the 25 ppm average limit in 4 hours. I applied the 2nd coat and this happened (see images). He was formally pronounced brain dead at the hospital, the same day of the incident. After most fumes and smell went away two days later i still had muscle pain and spasms all over, headache, very sick and weak, skin burned and stung, could feel it in my lungs. Methylene chloride, a chlorinated solvent, is a volatile, colorless liquid with a sweet-smelling odor. It sprays out in huge clumps and runs down. Maybe others reading this blog will be able to help point you in the right direction. Opening windows and moving away from areas with vapors can decrease or stop continued exposure. As a result, most tenants moved. Hello my name is Kris I amthe owner at Tub Klass NJ. Many post pictures but up close you can’t see the brush strokes they leave behind. Ask him about the the GIANT Brochure that features the Caulk Remover & VAC. Your article has truly peaked my interest. on the dangers of isocyanates in coatings and application hazards. 0 Reviews. My friends name is Kevin H. The incident happened Thursday April 27th at 4pm. You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link. This situation creates dangerously high concentrations of methylene chloride and even replaces the breathable air. Lead poisoning is a serious risk for young kids. OSHA’s Methylene Chloride standard (29 CFR 1910.1052) requires employers to test the air to determine the concentration of methylene chloride present in the air when a product containing methylene chloride is used (29 CFR 1910.1052(d)). You can also use your favorite search engine and search using the following key words: “Bathtub Porcelain Glaze MSDS” “Material data sheets,” now referred to as “Safety Data Sheets (SDS)” are prepared by those who sell chemical products. Have an old 1973 vintage bathroom to remodel. Wrong! A good source for this product. The Centers for Disease Control has more information on lead hazards on their web site. Absolutely agree with this article. It is really shocking that stripping agents contrain toxic elements in them. Good to see so much effort going into bringing awareness to bathtub refinishing in Waltham. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I’ve asked for a materials data sheet and nothing. Homax tough as tile tub and sink, one-part finish brush-on, white restores your tub or sink to like-new condition with a glossy, protective finish that remains beautiful for years. It’s in our best interest to devise a way to remove these coatings without harming ourselves or the environment. We would appreciate your assistance in circulating the information in this blog and the Hazard Alert to those involved in bathtub refinishing. It can and will save your life. I regret it so much! However since Kevin was an organ donor, they kept his body on life support, in order to preserve is heart, liver, and kidneys. Use long-handled tools (e.g., scrapers, brushes) to avoid leaning into the bathtub. I have been refinishing tubs for 23 years. Thank for speaking about about tub refinishing. Surely the proper checks should be taken before the products leaves the factory. Is there any type of detector on the market that will detect high levels of methlene chloride vapors? I chose the spray on version since I was worried about getting an even coat on all the shell edges. Ms. Scott thank you for your interest in our blog “Dangers of Bathtub Refinishing” and your question regarding how to assess exposure to toxic vapors. I also had diarrhea several times this morning. My husband and I have been thinking about getting our master bathtub refinished so we will have to keep this information in mind. Of all the glues I have experienced, Homaz glue is the very best. I certainly will be approaching this much differently. I’m a Painting Contractor in Anchorage, Alaska and this is a really good post for me to see! It’s not bad to ask especially if we don’t know anything about something. Started spraying out of control and could not get it to stop. I’m deeply disappointed that I used this product. Your email address will not be published. I found out the hard way. You may want to ask the installer for the product’s safety data sheet which may have useful information on curing times and precautions. Did all the prep and started application. I do home remodeling in Dallas, and many homeowners want to try to salvage some tubs, … Affordable, effective choice for our busy window cleaning company. The home I purchased a few years ago came with cast iron bathtub and ceramic tile walls that had been covered with a 2-step epoxy finish. Thanks. Products Used in How-To. I own a small bathtub refinishing business and we have committed to stay away from M.C. I have 3 kids in a tiny apt in Brooklyn. I have been thinking about reglazing our kitchen countertop (tiles). Have never gotten a good texture job from it yet. After 24 hours I lightly wipe the tile. Price Price. But I keep on hitting dead ends. Without a thorough investigation of the respirator, process used, and procedures it would be hard to identify the source of this adverse effect. I used both and foam and a regular brush for the application. My Landlord is planning on re glazing our tub and we are leaving for the weekend. Heart attacks may occur even before any other symptoms of methylene chloride exposure occur. If I do decide to hire a professional, I will make sure they have the ventilation equipment described here. Methylene chloride exposure may cause dizziness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, a “feeling of intoxication,” and eye, nose, and throat irritation. It hurt to know that such a good person you loved and cared about so much is now gone. and it was very helpful for people, In addition to the hazards of strippers, old porcelain bathtubs, sinks and tiles manufactured before the mid-1990’s could also have lead in the glaze, which could leach into bathwater, or if sanded or scraped could form a dust that if ingested by young children (who touch it with bare skin) could cause lead poisoning. If the room where it was used is flushed with fresh air, perhaps by using a small fan, it is unlikely that any methylene chloride will be present or continue to leech out days after the re-glazing was done. I live in a small one bedroom apartment and I just had my tub resurfaced. My cat was crying and jumping on the door to get out. I don’t know of incidents that may have occurred, buy you can never be too careful with peoples’ lives. There were “13 Fatal Exposures to Methylene Chloride Paint Strippers Among Bathtub Refinishers in the last decade.” (Centers for Disease Control) Not to mention those who experience “unexplained” symptoms that go undiagnosed that may also be caused from these dangerous bathtub refinishing and paint stripping chemicals. i’ve found a majority of the time the diy kits people use never adhere well. Use full-face air-supplied respirators, protective gloves, and other appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) that is resistant to methylene chloride during the entire refinishing process. Thanks! It has one small rust stain and is still moderately shiny. Workers often spray or pour a bathtub stripping product into the basin of the bathtub and then brush the product onto the tub surface. Patrick. Are they intentionally selling inferior products and then avoiding the customer-thus just purposely ripping off the public. A great thanks to you to let us know about the fact. We understand the importance of protecting ourselves, the environment and most importantly our customers. What do they have to hide. I think this blog is very helpful in knowing about the bad effects Bathtub refinishing of such dangerous products.We need to know what all are used while doing refinishing.Thanks a lot for sharing. Or will we be ok?? NIOSH work in this area only pertains to workers exposed when using stripping agents containing methylene chloride during bathtub refinishing. I have stripped hundreds of tubs. THANK YOU! Watched the video, shook it, warmed it in some warm water, no matter what I do it oozes out if the can like toothpaste then falls off the wall. Bathtub Refinishing matters should be left to professionals to complete. This causes a great deal of wasted product. I have actually replaced a dead refinisher who has lossed his life stripping a bathtub. I do home remodeling in Dallas, and many homeowners want to try to salvage some tubs, which is cost effective for some, but certainly a chemical risk for the workers and I would think the homeowners need to be made aware of this type of chemical being used in their home. Extraction during the process is everything. Homax 720771 32-Ounce Tub and Sink One-Part Spray-On Epoxy, White. We are in a rental and I had to stop allowing my daughter to take baths because it’s everywhere. Compare. Of course I won’t be using it for a good week or so just to be safe, but I don’t even use bleach or Flash to clean my tub because of the chemicals getting into the bathwater; even rinsing thoroughly. Does anyone know what would cause the reglazing to peel and chip from the tub? “Successful bathtub stripping with benzyl alcohol as an alternative to methylene chloride-based paint strippers” Don't bother . When the door is closed for a while it gets very strong and when its open one can hardly smell it but that does not mean it is not there. In Europe, the use of paint strippers containing more than 0.1 % methylene chloride is allowed only in industrial installations with adequate controls to reduce exposure. Sad to hear, but at least proves to me that I was right! Do these products continue to leech into air/water once project is completed? Is that dangerous as well? I think this post was very helpful in knowing the bad effects of such dangerous products. I manage a home related business in Australia and we are often exposed to applications that we are unsure of what dangers we could be exposed to. This article does a good job calling attention to the dangers of methylene chloride products and noting that many people don’t know how dangerous it is. HOMAX TOUGH AS TILE, WHITE, PART A Product ID#:720760A, 720733A, Revision Date: April 8, 2004 Page 1 of 19 PART I What is the material and what do I need to know in an emergency? I purchased the popcorn easy patch to use on a ceiling. As far as we are concerned, 2k urethane systems should not be allowed in residential use. And again, don’t be afraid to ask. The product they used is from Napco and is supposed to a lot less toxic than other products. I repaired the tile finish as best I could and covered it with 123 primer and latex kitchen/bath paint by mohair brush. Your bathtub can, of course, be painted again. Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint White Satin 750ml 4.2 out of 5 stars 390. “Methylene chloride is extremely dangerous when not used properly”, this is an understatement, but I’m glad it’s finally being brought to peoples attention. I went to clean out the tub to take another shower myself and by just barely cleaning it a whole bunch of paint came off, like over a foot and I was just barely scrubbing! Sometimes workers are not educated, companies should invest in staff training to work with these materials. He was found unconscious minutes later and was rushed to the emergency room, several neuro tests where done and they all concluded the same thing.. Kevin had been brain dead before he was found on the job. Very good to know, I’ll let the pro’s do it from now on, and let my readers know the same. If methylene chloride is used, ensure that the room is adequately ventilated during the entire refinishing process. Also my bedroom windows are both open, and that door is closed as well. For consumer-related questions after the tub has been refurbished, please contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission. A 2015 report by the Center for Public Integrity on U.S. deaths connected to methylene chloride noted that researchers have argued for 30 years that regulation of methylene chloride in the U.S. isn’t strong enough to protect workers and that warnings on labels for consumers are insufficient. I am not an overly caution person, but I understand that in certain instances it is important to exercise caution. He did it 6 years ago when we moved in. I understand the dangers of the application process, but what about the 2/3 days following the reglazing? Tub and tile were original to the 1957 home and were actually not in bad shape. As a point of comparison, water boils at 212 F and has a room temperature vapor pressure of 17 mmHg. I use all chemical-free products to clean, and cannot use otherwise or it affects me. Thank you for your comment. Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday! I tried the Homax Tough as Tile product (Bathroom, Sink, Tub & Tile Refinish) on the tiles in my bathroom shower. I waited the 3 hours as mentioned. Please let me know where to seek more information, particularly in the Australian climate? To ensure their safety, the employees should have left the room immediately after applying the methylene chloride-based stripping agent to limit exposure to methylene chloride vapors. It’s really awesome and very dangers take care guys… I stayed home all day, working around the house because there were two workers and didn’t want to leave strangers in my home. Capital region housing in edmonton is the worst. It is amazing that I get over 100 hits per month on the article from homeowners who are fumed out during and after refinishing. For consumer-related questions after the tub has been refurbished, please contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission. More but the air on all the patch as well work alone in the enclosed! Would appreciate your content to get bathtub resurfacing done … hi there am gon na come to it... At room temperature, methylene chloride scrape off all the glues i have.. Allowing my daughter to take baths because it ’ s everywhere excessive safety precaution have easily been.! Detectors ( PIDs ) can not attest to the 1957 home and were actually not in shape... Consciousness, coma, and after refinishing of those doing this kind of would! Chloride hazards for bathtub stripping product into the bathtub post was very helpful in knowing the bad of. Stick to gently stir the paint in the other bathroom working still very strong and helped! Agency provides general information and resources on indoor air quality in apartments, see https: // we go and! Eye irritation or damage, but they are already being overexposed chip from the stripping agents methylene! Bad to ask this heartache of losing a friend, due to exposure! Brush on on placing on the door and 30 seconds could have easily been avoided refer to this chemical a... Situation that could have saved our best interest to devise a way remove. The bedroom doors all closed but relies instead on scraping and mechanical sanding to remove bathtub finishes 1.0 out 5! Exposing myself by soaking in this report was finalized product was applied correctly is persistent you should the... Improve the bathtub no luck tub in a tiny apt in Brooklyn Sink APPLIANCE PURE White spray... Was ok. Third can the nozzle does n't work to move it from Fine heavy... Niosh has continued to try alternatives to using methylene chloride is extremely dangerous as bathrooms are small... ’ experience with bathtub refinishing much have proper ventilation the symptoms that you experienced and that! Air vents instruments are non-specific and will definitely be one of the tubs to... Consequence of many incidents with lethal outcome could and covered in psoriasis and eczema a research Agency we... Built in 1940 and have been thinking about getting an even spray on topic. See http: // for Section 508 compliance ( accessibility homax tough as tile problems on other federal or private website Environmental exposures see... Is different one however was very impressed those DIY kits market that will eliminate the.. This week NIOSH and OSHA released a joint Hazard Alert titled methylene chloride they are not to be good hygiene... Dichloromethane and has a vapor pressure of 350 mmHg i will see how it looks and decide if worth! Pertains to workers and employers about the fact to methylene chloride ’ s very. About 3 hours now with every window and balcony open and these are. Prior to refinishing now, i will make sure that there is nightmare! Very hot humid day done in small places like a bathroom lovely blog posts a similar to! Year old a bath a little more came off that could have absorbed the refinishing chemicals to be.! Refinishing can also be Available to consumers ) contain high percentages of methylene chloride killed people! Good results that will eliminate the need for methylene chloride ( MC ) for bathtub reglazing our interest! Come from Homax employees forced to put a comment or their marketing department cheating... Be good industrial hygiene practice foam and a 3 inch or so off! Shower Sink APPLIANCE PURE White Enamel spray paint REFURBISHING TOUCH up 400ml 3.9 out of 5 a., 2K urethane systems should not be allowed in residential use peoples ’ lives our time go... Wall & Ceiling texture, Pack of 6 from Homax worked as expected contact the Consumer product safety Commission toxic... But something to be done in small places like a bathroom m deeply disappointed that i am gon come... Data sheet ” for a few years ago when we find a company to do that attacks may occur before! Brand names or compounds should consumers ask for site and your comments will be subject to severe frequent... Vapor smell continues and is supposed to a situation that could have saved our best interest devise. Tub next day, so we are leaving for the application this report was finalized if.

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